Drummin Skool



Connor, Baildon
Aged 12

“Getting taught by Steve is great.

He’s very open to questions and makes lessons interesting and fun. He teaches us songs we want to learn as well as grades. He has a lot of experience in drumming and helps you to drastically improve your playing.

I highly recommend.”


Aged 60

“I’ve played guitar all my life and always wanted to play the drums. Fantastic!!!

My wife bought me a drum kit for my 60th birthday. I looked around for a drum teacher and was lucky enough to find Steve Jannetta. He has been fantastic. I had lessons every 2 weeks and came on leaps and bounds.He’s relaxed, patient, methodical and thorough. I am now able to play at jam nights and really enjoy my drumming. I’m glad I met Steve Jannetta. If you want to call me I will be pleased to help. Steve Taylor, 07950 449045”


Aged 11

“Steve has been my drum teacher for the last 3 years.

He comes to my house to teach me every 2 weeks. I’ve learned a lot – I’m now on grade 5 and it’s always good fun. He’s always very helpful and extremely patient.

Sometimes he brings me chocolate if I do lots of practise!”

Judith playing the drums in Church

Nab Wood

“I began drum lessons with Steve just over a year ago to fulfill a long-held ambition. As an older beginner I had reservations about how much I would achieve, but in that time I have reached Grade 5 and fulfilled another goal of being able to play in my church band. Steve’s method of teaching encourages me to go beyond what I think I am capable of.

He is endlessly patient with someone who can only take in a limited amount of information at a time, unfailingly courteous and truly committed to giving the very best tuition possible.”



“My name is Elizabeth and I was a student of Steve's for two years from the ages of 10 to 12 before I moved away from Bradford.  My experience of his teaching is very positive.  He was always very friendly and kind, never without a smile.  In addition, he was very patient and understanding; if I was struggling with something, e.g. a rudiment or a bar of a drum piece, he would work with me until I was confident playing it no matter how long it took.

Steve was always encouraging, bright and light-hearted and I would recommend him to anyone”


Rebecca & Phil
parents of Elizabeth

“Steve is a genuinely nice bloke who is clearly committed to the children he is teaching.  He took our daughter through to Grade 4 (and was teaching her Grade 5) before we moved away from the area.  We found him to be a cheerful, positive, and patient teacher with a good sense of humour. He is particuarly good at being encouraging, taking it at the pace of the child, and building confidence in his students.

His infectious enthusiasm for drumming cannot help but inspire everyone!  We would highly recommend him and have struggled to find someone as good to replace him”


Mother of Rhys

“My son Rhys started learning to play drums almost 4 years ago when he was 7 years old. Immediately I was impressed at the time and patience Steve showed in his instruction and how quickly he was able to adapt a lesson to a younger musician. The lessons are interesting and well structured but are also fun and Steve always makes sure he gears the lesson to the level of his student.

By coaching the correct techniques Steve has successfully guided Rhys through his drumming grades and in Rhys’s own words, “Steve is brilliant”. I think that says it all.”


Aged 18

“Steve took me from being a total novice to passing my grade 5 in just 3 years. He taught me how to read music and how to play some of my favourite songs by Metallica.

He also gave me advice on auditioning for college and thanks to his help I am now a full time music student at Huddersfield College. ”


Laura Pollard
Mother of Edmund

“Edmund started with Steve after he had been playing for a couple of years but had not taken any grades. His previous teacher had sadly died and he had been devastated & we were apprehensive about how things would go with a new teacher. Steve worked sensitively with him and built his trust. Our doubts dissappeared as we saw how Edmund's drumming, and his enthusiasm for it grew with Steve's teaching. Together they have worked through the grades and Edmund is now working for his grade V.

Steve is an ideal teacher for young people - managing to instil in them a genuine desire to impress him without ever using anything other than a smile. As a parent I feel included - with Steve taking every chance he gets to talk to me about how things are going. He's a super teacher that really inspires... and Edmund agrees with me! ”